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Emile Henry Tagines - Red

Emile Henry Tagines - Red

Emile Henry Flame tagines are made from a specially developed ceramic material which is resistant to direct heat and can therefore be used directly on gas, electric and halogen hobs (they are not suitable for use on induction hobs unless an induction plate is used). They can they be used in the oven and microwave and even under the grill.

The Emile Henry Flame tagine is freezer-safe up to -20°C.

Caring for your Emile Henry Tagine

Before Use
To season a new dish, we recommend adding about 1 inch of milk to cover the bottom of the dish. Let the milk simmer for five minutes. Remove the dish from the heat and allow it to cool before cleaning. You can also simmer one quart of water with 1/2 cup of rice for five minutes instead of the milk.

In use
Slow heating is recommended. Never heat an empty dish - always put some liquid or fat in first

Small cracks in the glaze
When heated, the Flame tagine expands slightly. This phenomenon creates small, thin cracks in the glaze, which are especially visible on light colored cookware. These small cracks are not a flaw, but are proof that the Flame cookware is resistant to temperature change and is a sign of longevity.

Emile Henry products are very easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher. Burnt-on residue may be removed by pre-soaking the cookware for at least 10 minutes.

Dry the Emile Henry tagine very carefully after cleaning, and leave the lid slightly off centre so that the air can circulate inside.

Emile Henry Tagine - Red 25cm

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Emile Henry Tagine - Red 32cm

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Emile Henry Tagine - Red 35cm

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